We are MDX

When we as humans interact with the world, we use the things available to us to make something happen. These things we use might delight, inspire, inform, support us—in the end, we seek those things that positively change the way we live. This is the impact we as the creators and makers of products are building for.

At MDX, this is why we commit to being inspired by how people tick, obsessed by what’s really going on, fascinated by how everything is connected, accepting that things won’t always go to plan, and relentless in our pursuit of excellence in design.

We believe product design is the place where business, human experience and technology prosper together, and we strive to get the absolute best out of all three with what we create.

In short, we do the right thing now, because great design is not an outcome, it is a principle.

What we do

Product and interaction design
  • Product & Service development
  • Physical product developement
  • Prototyping
  • Product Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Design Consulting
  • Customer and Market Testing
  • Experience- and Design Forecasting
Innovation culture
  • Training and Coaching
  • Talent Profiling
  • Design-driven Upskilling

Leadership team

Image of Iva Janković
Iva Janković,
Principal Consultant
Image of Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchell,
Director of product
Image of Steven Cook
Steven Cook,
Head of Experience & Product Design